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This is the official corporate website for Diversified Company. From this central site, you are able to connect to all of our other sites, and you can contact us at this central point if you have questions, concerns, or other inquiries about our company.

About Us

Diversified Company is an Indiana corporation, in business
since 2007, providing local, nationwide,
and in many cases global products and services.

Our Mission

It is our mission to deliver a diversified array of services to both residential and commercial clients in an efficient, caring, and professional manner, or to put it another way, to bring meaning to the word “service” in customer service.

What We Do

Diversified Technical Support provides remote computer repair services globally as well as local on-site repairs. Our technicians hold a minimum of CompTIA A+ Certification, a globally recognized industry standard.

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Powered by Uber, Diversified Transportation will get you from Point A to Point B safely and securely. On-board dashcam records the trip and uploads it to a secure server at Tripcam at our expense to give passengers an enhanced feeling of safety. Rates are determined by Uber over which we have no control.
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